How can you trust something,

you cannot explain?

Cognino AI’s Explainable Entity Intelligence

In highly regulated industries, insight alone is not enough to inform your decisions. Cognino AI’s explainable entity intelligence empowers you with the rationale behind its recommendations, lifting the lid on AI’s ‘black box’.

Intelligence as a Service


Organisations take countless decisions everyday using huge amounts of Internal and external data, which is growing exponentially. Consequently, finding meaning from an ocean of data is becoming harder.

The world’s 1st, Always-on decision Intelligence-as-a-Service, provides competitive advantage to highly regulated industries, by combining global public and private companies with billions of news and events using our breakthrough causal AI, providing unprecedented accuracy and transparency. This empowers your decision making by finding value others won’t see.

Discover tomorrow’s
opportunities and threats

We bring Industry subject matter experts along with world-wide data and the use of Explainable AI to solve complex
problems in highly regulated industries.

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