Always-on Enterprise Intelligence


Organisations take countless decisions everyday using huge amounts of data. These data sets are growing at an exponential rate and when coupled with external real-world data, the task of finding meaning from this an ocean of information is becoming harder. Cognino transforms your data into actionable intelligence which is fully explainable. Using our proprietary technology, you get a solution that is always-on with decisions delivered at unparalleled speed and unparalleled accuracy. We find patterns and relationships in data by understanding causal links and context. This enables you to find value others won’t see.

Enterprise Precision Intelligence

By leveraging domain expertise and our proprietary solution, we find connections and patterns between both internal and external data sets. This creates an Intelligence Core which will empower your organisation and help you make better decisions.

Self-learning AI discovering new possibilities and new opportunities.

Our engine continuously analyses global real-time data and events into growth signal for you to target your customer, investment and efforts.

Data and
The AI engine is on 24/7 proactively mitigating risk, threat and fraud.

Our engine simulates the past and forecasts the future finding hidden risks, threats and creates an early warning system aiding proactiveness.

Discover tomorrows
opportunity & threat

We bring Industry subject matter experts along with world-wide data and AI platform to solve complex
problems in highly regulated industries

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