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One Platform for

Company Risk Intelligence

Organisations take countless decisions everyday using huge amounts of internal and external data; which is growing exponentially. 

Our explainable AI combines global public and private companies with billions of news and events, creates forecasts with unprecedented accuracy and transparency. This empowers your decision-making by finding value others won’t see.

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Integrate Directly Into Your Workflow

Cognino AI seamlessly integrates into your workflow via API or our web app, as a single SaaS platform to optimise mass unstructured data into personal threat intelligence.


API / Widgets

For seamless integration into your platform to identify unknown opportunities and threats as you work.


Web App

All-in-one web-based service for timely intelligence anywhere (e.g. Portfolio monitoring, deal origination, simulation, etc.)

Discover tomorrow’s opportunities and threats

We bring Industry subject matter experts along with world-wide data and the use of Explainable AI to solve complex problems in highly regulated industries.

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    Deploy Cognino AI on any cloud or on-prem

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