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Discover tomorrow’s opportunities and threats

We bring Industry subject matter experts along with world-wide data and the use of Contextual AI to solve complex problems in highly regulated industries.

One platform for

all your intelligence needs

Organisations take countless decisions everyday using huge amounts of internal and external data; which is growing exponentially. 

Our explainable AI combines global public and private companies with billions of news and events, creates forecasts with unprecedented accuracy and transparency. This empowers your decision-making by finding value others won’t see.

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Integrate Directly Into Your Workflow

Cognino AI seamlessly integrates into your workflow via API or our web app, as a single SaaS platform to optimise mass unstructured data into personal threat intelligence.


API / Widgets

For seamless integration into your platform to identify unknown opportunities and threats as you work.


Web App

All-in-one web-based service for timely intelligence anywhere (e.g. Portfolio monitoring, deal origination, simulation, etc.)

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    Deploy Cognino AI on any cloud or on-prem

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