Our Mission

Our mission is to empower decisions with Explainable AI.

What we do

The world’s 1st, Always-on decision Intelligence-as-a-Service, provides competitive advantage to highly regulated industries, by combining global public and private companies with billions of news and events using our breakthrough causal AI, providing unprecedented accuracy and transparency.

This empowers your decision making by finding value others won’t see. Learn More

Our Ambition

We have a bold ambition to provide competitive advantage to every organisation on the planet with our unique ‘Intelligence as a Service’.

Our team is our greatest asset!

Cognino needs to work for you.

About Cognino - Trust Value

Transparency and Respect is at the heart of everything we do.

About Cognino - Growth Mindset Value
Growth Mindset

The difference is: ‘We learn it all’ Vs ‘We know it all’

About Cognino - Innovation Value

We are creating for a world that does not exist yet.

About Cognino - Obsession Value

Cognino needs to work for you, so that you are ‘all in’.


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