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Whether it’s loading the bus app to get to work, digitally signalling for the nearest Uber, or simply logging in to work remotely from home — we get it, life has changed significantly in the last decade.

But one of the biggest game-changers to date that we don’t hear quite enough about in the digital space are maps. The reliance on these, directories, and even listings is undeniably important for anyone armed with a pulse and smartphone.

There was a time when getting around was a lot more complicated. It required planning, difficult to fold maps, and arguments with spouses. We often needing to stop to ask for directions. That changed when Google Maps was released 16 years ago. After a decade of investing, collecting data, and billions of images through Street View, Google now has more than one billion monthly users, according to the company. Google Maps is updated tens of thousands of times a day and has mapped more than 220 countries and territories. So let’s see how it changed our lives :

We never get lost again! Long gone are the days when intrepid travelers got lost in the back streets of Hanoi, fumbling through their phrasebooks as they pumped locals for directions. Unquestionably, the digital map has revolutionized the ease with which we can travel – whether it be by car, boat, plane, train, or foot.

It beats the traffic – even in peak hours- You always have alternative routes for every traffic jam.

Thousands of other apps might not exist without it –  Uber, Airbnb, Expedia, WhatsApp – so many apps we know and love are based on the Google Maps application user interface (API).

Google says there are about 1 million third-party websites and apps actively using its technology.

There are a few things that have inspired me about Google Map – In summary it is the best proactive decision engine to organize my travel needs.

  • It is ‘Always-On’ and over time becoming Real-Time.
  • Proactive and now moving into Prediction
  • Provides in-time intelligence and recommendation where needed
  • Provides real-time ‘Precision Intelligence’

So, you may be wondering, what is the connection between Google map and Enterprise Intelligence?

Now, let’s see how many times you really hope that your enterprise would work as Google map does? Your work applications suggest whom to contact, where is the next opportunity, customers and prospects, how could you navigate out of some supply chain issues, detect fraud through early warnings, match the right resource to the correct job, etc.

An organization’s business results, its ability to achieve its stakeholder mission, and its impact on society are the total sum of the quality, timeliness, and accuracy of its ‘decisions’ — as well as its ability to execute on those decisions. An organization’s decision-making competency can be a significant source of competitive advantage or a sign of its precipitous decline.

Increasingly, decisions at different locations and levels impact each other. This results from the growing interconnectedness in value chains and business ecosystems, making it necessary to take into account that the outcome of one decision may affect many others.

Organizations struggle to make decisions in an environment featuring unprecedented levels of business complexity and uncertainty. There is more unpredictability about the direction of the market, whether decisions will be questioned and about the durability of a decision. This implies that decision-making must become more adaptive, allowing business stakeholders to quickly make changes to the decision flow or logic, should the need arise.

Here comes Artificial Intelligence, an always-on intelligence that can evaluate, simulate, predict and recommend decision intelligence where business-critical decision making must be improved. One should start where there is the greatest dissatisfaction with current decision-making, driving a willingness to change how those decisions are made.

We at have created an ‘Artificial Simulated World’ by combining worldwide company fundamentals and influencing information. Our engine uncovers hidden insights using cause and effects with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and transparency. Contextually identifying new opportunities and threats based on changing world events, people, places and organizations as it happens, always-on and real-time.

Are you thinking deeply about the need of the hour ? Always-on intelligence as your core strategic imperative..