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Early identification of high potential investment opportunities have launched a game changing solution which identifies and deeply validates high potential opportunities. By rapidly providing you higher quality prospects, expect improved conversion rates and returns, and less time spent researching sectors and businesses.

With bespoke inputs and approaches, you can ensure competitive difference. This is origination, your way.

It can assess the market within which a company operates, the solutions it provides, the background of its management team and the quality of funding achieved to date.

Discovery Canvas
The discovery canvas provides you with the prioritised opportunities, showing you exactly where to focus your time, based on your criteria and approach.

Explainable Recommendations
By understanding the contextual relationship between different sets of data, the engine can create connections and links between them. This also means every recommendation is truly explainable.

Keeping you updated
Stay on top of changing world events relevant to your prospects and portfolio, with constant review and application of large news sources.

Save Time
The solution at a glance rapidly qualifies and prioritises opportunities, taking multiple unrelated data sources including your CRM and live news feeds into consideration when making its recommendations. It aims to help Investment teams really focus on high-quality prospects and reduce time and money chasing false starts.