Decision Intelligence

For Health Care

Patient Reynolds

‘Patient Reynolds’ is a proposal from to integrate thousands of online courses into practitioners’ daily workflows. Using information on planned personal development, prior CPD history and upcoming patient appointments. Training can be delivered dynamically to support patient care while on the job.

The proposal utilises cutting-edge AI to combine patient records for personalised recap and knowledge testing based on upcoming appointments.

Using an innovative ‘always-on’ approach to learning, effectively creates a virtual training assistant. Adapting to changing conditions and updating practitioners in real-time based on course developments and best practices relevant to their daily work.

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Detecting risk of disease

Powerful AI computer vision, applied to images such as X-rays and CT scans, can detect conditions and diseases not always captured by the naked eye. For example, lung disease detection, arthritis detection and wound imaging.

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Healthcare Knowledge Graphs

Analytics-driven personalised treatment plans are created through clinical knowledge graphs. These graphs combine a patient’s medical history, medical notes, lifestyle data and various other structured and/or unstructured healthcare data.

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Contextual Training

Analysing healthcare professionals training requirements, AI can formulate further training recommendations within context

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