Decision Intelligence

For Public Sector

Enable the Public Sector with Decision Intelligence

Every day, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how we experience the world. We already use AI to find the fastest route home, alert us of suspicious activity in our bank accounts, filter out spam emails & much more

Public sector organizations can re-imagine every possible service and workflow, improving them using AI . Government budgets are becoming tighter, and expectations from a digitally savvy citizen base is growing. At Cognino, we are keen to improve and transform Citizen services, government professional and governance through the use of the state-of-art artificial intelligence solutions.

Providing Intelligence as a Service

At Cognino.AI we bridge the gap between data and decision-making. We use explainable AI to disrupt the existing method of providing intelligence.

  • Innovative Causal AI identifies previously unknown connections
  • ‘Always-on’ means intelligence keeps up with real-world events
  • Explainable AI allows decisions to be auditable and justified

Compliancy, Risk & Early Warning

Compliance and monitoring for the public sector 

AI built on a cutting-edge explainable framework allows for audibility upon detection. Avoid the trade-off between explainability and performance with AI that understands qualitative data at scale.

Drive GDPR, Data, Privacy and regulatory alignment of all your systems, processes through advanced early warning compliancy module through anomaly detection, patterns and predictions.

Education, Universities and Colleges

For the education sector.

Improve engagement, learning, efficiency and discovery for both students and teachers through AI led transformation. Exponentially increase organizational insight and capabilities by connecting an artificial intelligence engine to existing systems, documents and content. Monitor student and staff health and well-being by creating an AI led early warning system.​

Citizen Augmentation, Employee Augmetation, 

Augmentation for citizens and employees.

Use cutting-edge AI to monitor and predict trends and key metrics with greater accuracy. Let the AI extract knowledge and insight from the unstructured data and augment the employees at each stage of their journey thus bringing productivity and efficiency across the workforce.

Infuse AI to your existing citizen services with proactive personalization and recommendation services that is always learning about citizen concerns and servicing them through out their exchange journey.

Smart City

Augmentation for cities.

Anticipate needs and improve services with streamlined ambient services through intelligence unification. Drive proactive air, water, traffic, energy & ESG management across your cities, building and spaces

Government Augmentation 

Augmentation for governments 

Aggregate your insight and knowledge with an abstract ‘Intelligent Core’ to plan ahead, forecast for opportunity, create early warning systems across the government. AI has a range of uses in any government. It can be used to further public policy objectives (in areas such as emergency services, health and welfare), as well as assist the public to interact with the government (through the use of virtual assistants, for example).

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