Risk Intelligence

For Public Sector

How could Public Sector use next-generation AI to manage Risk?

Providing Intelligence as a Service

At Cognino.AI we bridge the gap between data and decision-making. We use explainable AI to disrupt the existing method of providing intelligence.

  • Innovative Causal AI identifies previously unknown connections
  • ‘Always-on’ means intelligence keeps up with real-world events
  • Explainable AI allows decisions to be auditable and justified

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance and monitoring for regulators.

AI built on a cutting-edge explainable framework allows for audibility upon detection. Avoid the trade-off between explainability and performance with AI that understands qualitative data at scale.

Global Economic Indicators

Global economic monitoring for policymakers.

Use cutting-edge AI to monitor and predict trends and key metrics with greater accuracy.

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