Empower your decisions with explainable AI

Providing Intelligence as a Service Solutions

At Cognino.AI our solutions bridge the gap between data and decision-making. We use explainable AI to disrupt the existing method of providing intelligence.

  • Innovative Causal AI identifies previously unknown connections
  • ‘Always-on’ means intelligence keeps up with real-world events
  • Explainable AI allows decisions to be auditable and justified

Decision Intelligence Solutions for Financial Services

Decision Intelligence integrates millions of global companies and ESG signals, with billions of news and events, in our unique intelligence as a service model.

Leverage your data assets to find connections others cannot.

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Financial Services Solutions - Investment risk

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Entity Intelligence Solutions for Enterprise

Financial Services - KYC

Entity intelligence utilises our global understanding of private and public companies for accurate data quality at a scale never seen before. Validate your data, with 30+ million global entities, so you can trust your data assets.

Leverage our engine to purify your data.

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