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Over the past few decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has completely transformed the way we consume and analyse sports. AI is making the world smarter for athletes, broadcasters, advertisers, and the viewers with real-time statistics. AI in sports forecasting has improved decision making across the entire sports industry.

Sports analysis has traditionally been based on box-score and event data. However, over the past decade, real time performance tracking has emerged, and it is being combined with event data & box-scores.

Below are some examples of ways decision intelligence can be used in sporting team’s performance.

Player Performance Tracking

AI for Player Performance Tracking 

AI in sports is used to boost performance and health of all players in various sporting activities. Wearable technology is used to help gather various health and performance related data. The analysis of player performance means the players and coaches can gain insights using visuals and data to work on the strengths and weaknesses of the players and make alterations in the game strategies.

Scouting & Recruitment 

AI for sports recruitment 

Teams are taking things further by adding AI to their scouting and recruitment box of tricks. Everything that happens on the field of play with teams leads to terabytes of data. AI can be used to analyse this data. AI driven explainable statistics is what can provide to help the scouting of players.

Strategy Analysis 

Augmentation for Analysis

AI predictive models evaluate thousands of data points across decades of historical, in-season, and in-game data. All our models are continuously evaluating to find additional data that may add predictive strength. All the models provide an output that will form your analysis and decision-making process.

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