Complicated Technology Explainable AI

Integrate Directly Into Your Workflow

Cognino AI seamlessly integrates into your workflow via API or our web app, as a single SaaS platform to optimise mass unstructured data into personal threat intelligence.


API / Widgets

For seamless integration into your platform to identify unknown opportunities and threats as you work.


Web App

All-in-one web-based service for timely intelligence anywhere (e.g. Portfolio monitoring, deal origination, simulation, etc.)

4 Unique Innovations are pioneering the next chapter of AI, that self-learns from real-world data while explaining its decisions.


Justified decision-making without compromising on performance.


Build knowledge by adapting its response to new data, while adding to existing pathways.


Using context and knowledge pathways understand how new events impact the whole.


News and events are added in real-time, without the need for slow human intervention.

Machine Learning Foundations

All of our technology is built on top of strong machine learning foundations.

Pattern and Prediction

Cognino engines finds patterns and predicts insights on the basis of semantic understanding and relationships using context and purpose.

Advanced NLP

We have a number of breakthrough NLP technologies that can understand the purpose and context, and learn from large comprehensions, not just simple sentences.

Neural Weaver

The Neural Weaver scans through any data while creating dynamic context, sub-context, information class, and type along with the purpose.


Our Neural Network driven summarisation creates dynamic summary from a large set of texts for contextual decision making.

Discover tomorrow’s opportunities and threats

We bring Industry subject matter experts along with world-wide data and the use of Explainable AI to solve complex problems in highly regulated industries.